Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GATA club is like and alligator gonna eat you up!

Nearly a month and no update. Jeez. Maybe this blogging thing isn't for me. But I like it. So whatever.

School is just a psycho as ever. 17 hours (my normal being 12....) of work, a teacher/adviser I can't stand even looking at hardly, plus, I'm pledging a club! As a senior. I think I might be suicidal...hmmmm

But anyways, yes! I am going for GATA! Girls Aiming Toward Achievement! The girls (and beaux) are really awesome, plus we're not subjected to nearly as much ridiculous, demeaning idiocy as some of the other clubs. There's one that literally takes their girls in a room and yells at them until they cry. Not necessary. Why would you want to be around those people? Seriously? I love my GATA girls so much. And our cheers are great! We even has a Lady Gaga one! Makes me laugh. So hard.

"Rough night" is Friday and all I know is there's mud involved. But no one knows that.

In other news, my 3 year anniversary with my boy is Wednesday! But as it's pledge week we're celebrating on Saturday by going to Little Rock and having a day and then going to the fancy restaurant in town where we went on our first date before we even starting dating. He took me out on my first date ever, and we weren't even together! Guess it's destined to be!

I'm still up for suggestions on what to make for the booth! See previous post for info!