Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Even More Knitting!

Wow! More knitting on my knitting blog? Go me!

I find goofy faces make up for my lack of attractiveness. I made earmuffs! Out of the softest yarn on the planet! The pattern is a Knitty pattern, which I usually find to complex/time consuming. It's Muffy! I didn't bother with the roving and stuff, but I'm really happy with them. They fit perfectly over my ears and are soooooo warm! Wearing them is a little complicated, because there's one cord along the top that's looped through the top, and (as you can see) tied across the bottom. It's fine though. I like them.

The yarn is Wendy Velvet Touch in Shervet Velvet! Note the pretty picture!

I love this yarn so much! And I've got probably just under half a skein left, so the pattern really didn't take much at all. This is a 50g skein if that tells you anything.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Totally Useless SAL and Other Pictures

I almost forgot this. Hooray for Alyoops for posting hers in a timely manner to remind me!

I've got a lot more clippings in there this month, but not because I've been doing much more honestly....The pink and black is from a tank-top that I want to make, but I get bored with my creations easily. I'm odd.

Also, I've actually gotten some knitted things done. A pair of glittens in my Jayne Cobb yarn from my swap partner from a long time ago.

They have a few problems. Holes, random woven in bits sticking out, and the mitten bit is a little to small for my hand, but over all I'm soooo proud of these. They're my first go at multiple fingers and other complex things. Something odd happened though. Notice in the first picture how the hand sts stretch towards the thumb? Well (and this is the 2nd one made) somehow as I was going, the thumb ended up more...in the middle....or something. It's very strange. The other mitten is fine. Crazy stuff.

I finished a happy comfy cowl too! See my pretty buttons? They were on sale! And my nice cable? I've never done that before! It turned out pretty nice if you ask me! And I finally posted pictures! Go me!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

22 and 8 Months to Go

Well, another year of my existence has flown by. I'm officially 22! It's sort of odd. That feeling when you're 21 is much different. Like you're older but not so much so that you have a lot of responsibilities and things to think about. When you turn 22 it's like, "Wow...I'm getting old...I should, do things." I have no complaints. Yes it's been stressful with school, terrible advisers, family insanity, and just general over-stressed madness, but overall I think I've got it pretty good.

Along that line, this date also signifies the "8 months left until I'm married" mark! This is both exciting, and completely terrifying. I have some of the essentials, like church, preacher, colors, the basics. But I'm also missing a lot of things that technically (according to all those websites and magazines anyway) I should have done last month or need to jump on this month such as DJ, florist, reception venue, dress, and all those things that book far in advance or need lots of altering time. I hate trying to do this wedding thing while I'm in school in Arkansas and my mom is in Illinois. It's very frustrating.....Josh and I did have lots of fun going out registering on Sunday though! It was soooooo great! We went to Wal-Mart and JCPenny's and got the nifty little scan-gun and went around saying things like "Do you like this one?" "How about this blender? You can make smoothies and it has a food processor attachment so it'll store better." We were planning out our lives together and it was fan-freaking-tastic. I loved it so much. And Josh even had fun. I want to get on Macy's.com and Kohl's website and register there with him too. And Bed Bath and Beyond too. I'm so excited!

I have been knitting. (What? Knitting? Was that what this blog was supposed to be about?) I finished a pair of fingerless gloves/glittens in my pretty orange Sanguin Griphon yarn! They're not great, but I'm so excited because they were my first go and they don't look that bad. Just some random woven ends sticking out (How do you fix that!? I can't do it right it seems) and a couple of holes from when I picked up sts and such. Nothing major. I wear them every day. They're awesome.

I also finished my cabled cowl. My first cabled project. So warm. So nice. I'll post pictures....sometime. Maybe with my Totally Useless SAL post in a few days.