Friday, November 27, 2009

Overeating Coupled With Exhaustion

Ah the wonderful day of Thanksgiving! It was good fun. Mom and I cooked dinner the night before and during the day, and there was none of the usual stress. No extended family was coming over, and my grandfather died this past May, so there was no worrying about getting done when we went to get him. Although it was really sad without him. Mom carved up the turkey and said prayer, both Pawpaw's usual jobs. But it was really fun learning to cook with Mom. I made chocolate meringue pie, my first time, and it was awesome! The family said it was as good as my grandma's. Huge compliment. I love cooking for people. It makes me happy.

Mom and I have been decorating like mad too. We've got two trees up, and a third starting now. All the stockings are up on the mantle, and random knicky-knacky things up around the house. We also have the icicle lights up! It's very exciting. I love Christmas soooooooo much. Everyone's getting knitted gifts this year (unless Mom helps me out with some stuff).

I go back to school Sunday, and we're going shopping tomorrow. We went to Wal-Mart today, but not during scary time. Later in the afternoon. There's nothing I want at 4 in the morning but more sleep. At Wal-Mart I got my first full-sized tree! Well sorta. 6 feet. But it's the biggest one I've ever had! I love it and I'm soooo excited. But since I'm still in a dorm, I'll only see it for a couple of weeks before I leave again to come home for Christmas break. But oh well! I have a tree and that's made of win!

I haven't knitted anything in awhile, but I intend to tonight or tomorrow!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Story So Far...

Well, we're a few days into break now, and being at home is...much like it always is. Dad is an annoying, self-absorbed jerk, Mom loves having me home but still hates my boyfriend (go figure), my sister and brother-in-law are constantly fighting and cussing at each other in front of their 11 month old which really ticks me off, and in general it's nothing like Generic Christian College. But it's home. I love my family. I want to rescue my little niece though. My sister is a witch, her husband is a moron....bad combo...but they made a commitment. Hopefully they'll stick with it. I think they will. It's exhausting to watch though. Plus, my freak of a sister is a size ZERO (death to her!!! death!!!!!!!!), and is trying to gain weight and can't (boo hoo) while the rest of the family is trying to lose it. And they're all succeeding (to a degree anyway). I on the other hand am NOT. I gave up sugar this month (until I got here anyway) and it didn't do anything!!!! It's really annoying. I refuse outright to count calories for the rest of my life, but it seems like the only thing that works.


In other news, I HATE TWILIGHT!!!!!! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!!!!!!! Did I mention that I hate it. I'm sick and tired of TV guide being the 24-7 Twilight channel, and loathe my twilighter facebook friends and their obsessive posts that won't stop, and I in general want to go back in time and stop Stephanie Meyer from ever writing the awful crap. Vampyres (note the spelling please) do not friggen sparkle in the sun. They DIE! Figure it out. Seriously.

Now that every twilighter that sees this hates me, and I've satisfied my desire to rant loudly, forgive me for the intese hatred of the crap you're obsessed with. And I know that vampyres aren't real. For goodness' sake I'm not an idiot, and I appreciate that she was taking a different view of vampyrism, but she went waaaaay too far! Sparkles? Seriously?! WHY?!?!?!!? I swear, Lestat's gonna jump out of the book and kill you all.

Wait, I thought my rant was over? Well I guess not. Now it is though. Really. But I still hate it.

I hope you all still like me...and you won't convince me otherwise.

I already miss my college place, but the break is good.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Break of Thanksgiving and Other Fun

So, Thanksgiving break at Generic Christian College has begun! I'm going home to the family tomorrow! It's a nice 7-hour drive, but I'm used to it now. What's going to suck is having to sit in my broken driver's seat. That's right. It won't raise up to a comfortable position anymore. It's not lying flat, but it's leaning back just far enough to be uncomfortable. And of course this happened TODAY. Not when I get home, but the day before I have to sit in the broken seat for 7 hours. Friggen fail. Srsly.

As far as knitting goes, I'm in the middle of several projects. A hat for my sister, a toy block and a jacket for my niece. And those are the ones that I've started. I need to start a Jane Cobb hat for Bonnie, make a pygmy puff, start a loom-knit snowman, and make a hat for my brother-in-law in the colors of my old high school since he works there now. Yeesh. So many Christmas projects, and It's not even December!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Foolish People and Christmas Preparations

First things first---today I got an email from a one Katherine Poll. She wanted me to post a link to some screen capture software on my blog, and told me that if I agreed, to post the link and show it to her and she'd send me the free license. Clearly skeptical I googled the name, and lo and behold I found another blog that said she'd gotten the same one.

Turns out, the link to her "click here for more info" site (which is safe.I clicked it. it's the "link" you're supposed to put in the blog that's dangerous) is a website that only lasts 40 days and is gone. The other link is a virus that will beat the crap out of your computer.

All this to say, DO NOT CLICK LINKS FROM KATHERINE POLL. It's just not a good idea...

I emailed her back saying I hope God blessed her and that she turned to Jesus and away from computer destruction, then decided to report the spam email, and I don't intend to open it if she emails me back (which I doubt will happen anyway).

On a lighter note...I've started Christmas knitting! I made a stocking from the Oddball Knitting book. It was really simple, but I'd never done a sock shape before, and it got really confusing at the heel part....I succeeded though! I have a miniature stocking and I LOVE IT!!!! Also, I've knitted a little snowman ornament for my mom, because she collects them, and I've made a stuffed little Christmas tree ornament.

What I'm really excited about, is my friend Bonnie gave me all the yarn she had (a huge-mongous Cracker Barrel sack plus more) and in that loverly stash was a skein of 100% WOOL!!!!!! And it's the most perfect red Christmasy color!!! I can't find anything to do with it right now, but I will find something! Any suggestions?

And finally, I'm knitting a hooded baby jacket for my niece! It's going to be the first wearable knitted thing I've ever made (other than scarves and hats that is). I just hope I can finish it in time. I think I can if I'm diligent. I got the pattern from a Bernat Softee Baby yarn skein. And it's also online here:

That's the link to the Snowman

That's the link to the tree.

And as I was getting the link for the tree, I found this, and thought it was awesome and amusing all at once:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Laziness and Upcoming Patterns

Well, the Draco outfit was awesome! The temporary spray turned my hair bright blond, and it came out! With one wash! Hooray!

Scrooge was abso-friggen-lutely incredible! They have a free showing tomorrow (held over, unexpected, awesome) and so I'm totally going again. For the win. So excited.

The Adventures of Carmine and Lefty, a wonderful show about superheros and imagination that I'm in, has officially started. Readthrough #1 was Friday, and it was hilarious! I loved it! It doesn't premier until April, but that's not the point. It's still very exciting to be in a show again. I miss the theatre. I was in 2 shows a year in high school, and after being cast as a minor (and by minor I mean in one scene, in the dead center of the show, with a giant flower on my head, spinning around going "ooooooo") character in Generic Christian College show of the Wizard of Oz, I figured they'd only cast the same people over and over in any part worth having. And don't get me wrong, I love being ensemble, and have no problem with that, but I /do/ have a problem with being in ONE scene. It's not worth the effort and time that's put in really. Too much other stuff to do to work that hard to be a spinning flower.

We had a choir concert today, and it went well. I forgot my music, but I didn't need it really. I was just supposed to bring it. Oh well. The concert was great! Even if an obnoxious high school boy trying to get through was all rude with a very snobby sounding "Coming through". Rude high schoolers, at MY school, listening to MY performace, have no right talking to the host people that way. And by /my/ I mean Generic Christian College.

Overall, life is exhausting. As usual. I'm working on writing a pattern for a Harry Potter style Ipod/cell phone color. I have mine done, and I just need pictures so some of the instructions make more sense. I'll post it soon, hopefully.