Monday, November 23, 2009

The Story So Far...

Well, we're a few days into break now, and being at home is...much like it always is. Dad is an annoying, self-absorbed jerk, Mom loves having me home but still hates my boyfriend (go figure), my sister and brother-in-law are constantly fighting and cussing at each other in front of their 11 month old which really ticks me off, and in general it's nothing like Generic Christian College. But it's home. I love my family. I want to rescue my little niece though. My sister is a witch, her husband is a moron....bad combo...but they made a commitment. Hopefully they'll stick with it. I think they will. It's exhausting to watch though. Plus, my freak of a sister is a size ZERO (death to her!!! death!!!!!!!!), and is trying to gain weight and can't (boo hoo) while the rest of the family is trying to lose it. And they're all succeeding (to a degree anyway). I on the other hand am NOT. I gave up sugar this month (until I got here anyway) and it didn't do anything!!!! It's really annoying. I refuse outright to count calories for the rest of my life, but it seems like the only thing that works.


In other news, I HATE TWILIGHT!!!!!! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!!!!!!! Did I mention that I hate it. I'm sick and tired of TV guide being the 24-7 Twilight channel, and loathe my twilighter facebook friends and their obsessive posts that won't stop, and I in general want to go back in time and stop Stephanie Meyer from ever writing the awful crap. Vampyres (note the spelling please) do not friggen sparkle in the sun. They DIE! Figure it out. Seriously.

Now that every twilighter that sees this hates me, and I've satisfied my desire to rant loudly, forgive me for the intese hatred of the crap you're obsessed with. And I know that vampyres aren't real. For goodness' sake I'm not an idiot, and I appreciate that she was taking a different view of vampyrism, but she went waaaaay too far! Sparkles? Seriously?! WHY?!?!?!!? I swear, Lestat's gonna jump out of the book and kill you all.

Wait, I thought my rant was over? Well I guess not. Now it is though. Really. But I still hate it.

I hope you all still like me...and you won't convince me otherwise.

I already miss my college place, but the break is good.

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