Sunday, November 8, 2009

Laziness and Upcoming Patterns

Well, the Draco outfit was awesome! The temporary spray turned my hair bright blond, and it came out! With one wash! Hooray!

Scrooge was abso-friggen-lutely incredible! They have a free showing tomorrow (held over, unexpected, awesome) and so I'm totally going again. For the win. So excited.

The Adventures of Carmine and Lefty, a wonderful show about superheros and imagination that I'm in, has officially started. Readthrough #1 was Friday, and it was hilarious! I loved it! It doesn't premier until April, but that's not the point. It's still very exciting to be in a show again. I miss the theatre. I was in 2 shows a year in high school, and after being cast as a minor (and by minor I mean in one scene, in the dead center of the show, with a giant flower on my head, spinning around going "ooooooo") character in Generic Christian College show of the Wizard of Oz, I figured they'd only cast the same people over and over in any part worth having. And don't get me wrong, I love being ensemble, and have no problem with that, but I /do/ have a problem with being in ONE scene. It's not worth the effort and time that's put in really. Too much other stuff to do to work that hard to be a spinning flower.

We had a choir concert today, and it went well. I forgot my music, but I didn't need it really. I was just supposed to bring it. Oh well. The concert was great! Even if an obnoxious high school boy trying to get through was all rude with a very snobby sounding "Coming through". Rude high schoolers, at MY school, listening to MY performace, have no right talking to the host people that way. And by /my/ I mean Generic Christian College.

Overall, life is exhausting. As usual. I'm working on writing a pattern for a Harry Potter style Ipod/cell phone color. I have mine done, and I just need pictures so some of the instructions make more sense. I'll post it soon, hopefully.

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