Friday, November 27, 2009

Overeating Coupled With Exhaustion

Ah the wonderful day of Thanksgiving! It was good fun. Mom and I cooked dinner the night before and during the day, and there was none of the usual stress. No extended family was coming over, and my grandfather died this past May, so there was no worrying about getting done when we went to get him. Although it was really sad without him. Mom carved up the turkey and said prayer, both Pawpaw's usual jobs. But it was really fun learning to cook with Mom. I made chocolate meringue pie, my first time, and it was awesome! The family said it was as good as my grandma's. Huge compliment. I love cooking for people. It makes me happy.

Mom and I have been decorating like mad too. We've got two trees up, and a third starting now. All the stockings are up on the mantle, and random knicky-knacky things up around the house. We also have the icicle lights up! It's very exciting. I love Christmas soooooooo much. Everyone's getting knitted gifts this year (unless Mom helps me out with some stuff).

I go back to school Sunday, and we're going shopping tomorrow. We went to Wal-Mart today, but not during scary time. Later in the afternoon. There's nothing I want at 4 in the morning but more sleep. At Wal-Mart I got my first full-sized tree! Well sorta. 6 feet. But it's the biggest one I've ever had! I love it and I'm soooo excited. But since I'm still in a dorm, I'll only see it for a couple of weeks before I leave again to come home for Christmas break. But oh well! I have a tree and that's made of win!

I haven't knitted anything in awhile, but I intend to tonight or tomorrow!

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