Thursday, December 3, 2009

One of Those Days and the Feeling of Defeating It, Thanksgiving break was relaxing because of no responsibilities, but I definitely didn't catch up on sleep...

Getting back to school made me a wreck once again. Half my grade in a 400-level major class depended on a project I had started, but wasn't close to finishing. It was due yesterday, and I was up until 4:30 Tuesday night finishing it. I had to create a direct marketing plan for Knit-Wit, a company that doesn't exist, but that I want to make one day. I got it finished, had no confidence in it at all, and didn't even bother studying for the geology test that was happening in the class right before I had to present the plan.

I was an absolute was insane. I'd forgotten about the test until about 10:00 Tuesday night, and I'm on the brink of getting a D in that class and bringing my GPA under 3.0 (which I have exactly, and which is required to keep the scholarship that's keeping me at very expensive Generic Christian College). All that to say I had to do well on this test and had no time to study for it.

Luckily the girl I sit next to is wonderful and needed my notes anyway, so she made a study guide for both of us and emailed it to me that night. I also got an email from my direct marketing teacher the next morning saying "I looked over your presentation and paper. WOW it looks GREAT! i can't wait to hear you present it."
I had to read it like 50 times for it to sink in. Made me feel much better, but I was still frazzled about presenting it that afternoon. I didn't even start studying until 1 hour before the test (in the class before it...). Scared to death. But as I was starting the test, I knew most of it!!!! I got through it and feel great about it! Next was the presentation. I got through it really well, and my teacher said I hit the nail on the head!

God does some wonderful things for us when we trust Him. I destroyed that day! It was awesome! Now just some things I have to make for a graphic arts class and we're all good!

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