Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Too Much Writing, Not Enough Knitting

So, I have two scarves on the needles currently, and another I need to make for a friend that I'm actually getting paid to do. But am I knitting? NO! I've been so obsessed with my book, that I've hardly touched my needles! That's just wrong.

I love both so much!!! But typing and knitting don't work well together...if only they had the technology to let me tell my computer what to type and hit send. (For you see, I have a co-writer who lives approximately five hours away when we're both on break from Christian College, so we collaborate over instant messaging. Good and bad points really. I think I might like when we're able to collaborate in person better.). Until such technology exists however, I must ration between between knitting and writing.

As for New Years, I'll be with friends from the home town that I never get to see anymore. I need to make cookies....but the magical glowing folding box that sits on my lap keeps me on the couch.

Resolution-wise, I'll be having the same one I always have: drop a few pants sizes. I intend to get into the gym and actually succeed this year. Instead of one giant over all goal, I'm working through the months.

Also, I want to learn to be more positive, more loving, less complain-y, and overall a better person. I plan to give all my problems to God and let Him handle them. I'm realistic. I know that I'll get upset, mad, stressed, and all those other negative things, but I want that to happen less. I've been awful for the past year or so, and I just want to be a more pleasant and loving person.

Hope 2010 is great!

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