Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moving Oh How I Loathe Thee

I had all of my wonderful Christmas decorations in my dorm and I loved how they looked, but I'm moving into a different dorm. I know I know, I'm moving out of a single (no one in the room, no one to share the bathroom) for a regular dorm with a roomie and suitmates, but it has a kitchen!!!!! I neeeeeeeed it! I had an apartment this summer, and I very much miss it. Especially cooking my own food in my own kitchen. That's totally worth it. Anyway, I've started packing, and I took down all my pretty Christmas things (except the lights that I can't reach....)! It's very sad, and I hate how bare the walls are....I'm not okay with it. But the official moving process starts tomorrow. Not sure how long until I actually get to live and sleep in there, but I'm sticking stuff in there anyway.

Christmas shopping for friends today! I'm soooooo excited! I LOVE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! It brings me such joy. I just wish I hadn't spend 50 out of my 100 I had for friend shopping....oh well. I'm good at low-budget shopping. And I hope to knit them things. Hope to. Probably get that done/started during the Christmas break since I have 3 weeks. I also need to start wrapping. I've got something for my dad, and I need to wrap it up.

Hopefully the Christmas shopping will raise my slightly droopy spirits. School does that to one's existance...

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