Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh the Exhaustions How They Love Me

After the previously mentioned crappy day, this week has not been as bad, but has still been tiring. The biggest thing happened tonight, with my beau's announcement that he's contemplating the national guard. I'm scared to death of this. I know it's not like regular military and I know he won't be gone for long periods of time, but still. It's just scary. I don't really know why. But it is.

On a lighter note, I'm way behind on knitting. I have a baby block and a baby jacket I need to finish, and I've done 1 1/2 side of the block, and haven't finished the back piece of the jacket. I'm behind on my sister's hat, haven't started my brother-in-law's or Bonnie's, and haven't started my mom's snowman. Blarg. School gets in the way of my knitting. And no that's not in the wrong order. Graduation where art thou?

On an actual light note, my friends and I put up the 6-foot tree in their room! My first adult tree haha! (As opposed to those little 3-foot ones I had in my bedroom back home). I put the lights on it just like my mom, and we put ornaments and shiny things. Our tree topper is a big red and gold butterfly that clips to the tree. It brings me joy!

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