Sunday, December 27, 2009

Joyous Noises

"And oh the noise. The noise noise noise noise!" -Grinch

That's what invades my world at the moment. Noises of yelling, noises of crying children, noises of my father using a dremmel tool on something, noises of installing a garbage disposal.....There's loud noises everywhere and I'm tired of's giving me a headache...All I want to do is watch Bridge to Terabithia and write my vampyre story. (Yes that's right, I write about vampyres...and no they don't sparkle). But I can't write with all the frenning noise!

On a Christmasy note-I was inundated with yarn for Christmas! It was in-freaking-credible! And most of it is 100% wool! I've already made a felted bowl! My first felted thing ever! It's soooooo neat!

Here's the pattern I used. I've only made one though, the yellow sized one. Took me two days of rather lazy evenings, so it's a really quick knit!

Along with mass amouts of wool, I also got 3 sets of bamboo needles. Every size of dpn, circular, and regular needle! (Well all the typical ones. I think they go from like 0-10). It' so freaking cool! I used my new dpns on my bowl! I'm so excited!

I'm working on a rather lovely dropped-stitch scarf for a friend (it's a facinating concept..purposely dropping stitches to create a pattern). And my mother wants a thick black scarf to go with the wool coat she got for Christmas, so I'll be making her a scarf in a more simple pattern.

That's my ranting for today! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmahannukwanzakah! ^_^

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