Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Back, and Maybe Some Forward

Ah 2012. The New Year is upon us, and I haven't posted since Thanksgiving. Sorry about that. Things still haven't calmed down around here. 2011 brought all sorts of things for me. College graduation, marriage, a big move. But also lots of crazy scary things like college graduation, marriage, and a big move. All while being completely broke. What I learned from the past year is that there's not a time when life is going to suddenly get better and the bill in the mail won't scare you anymore and everything is sunshine-filled. The joy and happiness comes from learning to handle those things but focus on the things that are important. Yes, pay your bills. Worry a little. But don't have a tunnel-vision of negativity (I'm totally going to patent that). I have the tendency to freak out when things get stressful. I've sort of let my husband take over the rational role and have given in to all the negative emotions that tend to come out if you don't pay attention. So my plan for 2012 is to expand my horizons. No more tunnel-vision of negativity (patent pending), but more of a wide-eyed focus on all aspects of my life. Yes, my bills are large and seem to all come at once. But the flipside of that coin is that I have a roof over my head (with no one living above or below), hot water, a heater, and electricity. Yes, my car is still broken and the driver's side window won't stay up and it's 15 degrees outside. But I have a garage I can park it in so during the snow and rain water doesn't get all over my leather seats anymore. And I can pull into the garage at night and close the door before I have to get out of the car, so I feel much safer.

On the knitting side of the world (because that is, after all, why you read this right?), I'm not sure all the much was accomplished in 2011. Let's see, I made a Golden Snitch, a couple of cowls, some earmuffs, a couple of bags, a little keychain purse, and a couple of little coffee covers. Plus the stuff I made for the Big Durn Swap a couple of months ago. But all in all, not a whole lot (especially compared to the wonderful things of Alyoops, and genius biochem knitting of ChemKnits!). I want to finish something big in 2012, and not just the cardigan it's taking me a year to finish for my good friend...I also want the thing to be for me. I love knitting for others, but honestly I don't do a lot of things I can use. In fact, most of my creations are in a bag in my closet. Aside from the previously mentioned cardigan, I've got a pair of felted slippers on the needles. (Did I mention I bought a washer and dryer and I can totally felt things now?) So pictures of those things soon. I think there's a knitting group in the city we moved to, so maybe I can join in. And there's a yarn store I have to go and try not to spend money at.

I can't wait to see what 2012 will bring, in life and in knitting. What great knitting plans do you have? And do you have any "big" project recommendations? I don't think I'm quite ready for an afghan, and lace drives me crazy (since I haven't gotten good at it yet), but what are your favorite things to make?