Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dancing and Babies

Man time goes at a rather steady exhausting pace when you're ready to leave somewhere. But I can't say its going slowly. Just...not fast enough.

Epically exciting news however! There is a wonderful dance place (not a nightclub, dance hall, or any of those places with drinking, smoking, and highly disturbing "music" about sex) but a legitimate ballroom/latin/swing place. It has lessons for 1 hour before the actual dance starts, and so my good friend Marcus and I are going this weekend! I'm soooooo insanely excited. You may ask, why not take your beau? Simple: 1. This place has a strict dress code. Men have to have dress slacks, tucked in shirts, dress shoes, etc. In other words, things that will make my poor beau miserable. 2. He doesn't dance. Not at all, unless he's being really sweet to me and waltzing with me in private. So, I'm going with Marcus instead. My beau is well aware and totally fine with it.

I haven't done dancing like this since Salsa/Merengue lessons in high school. And that was crazy fun. I just hope I remember some of it!

As far as knitting, I haven't been doing a lot sadly. Still writing, and I've knit some, but its difficult when babysitting small children. Heck just stopping the 1-yr-old from killing herself with my needles is hard enough! But it comes with being a knitty Aunt Did!

Happy New Year to all!

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