Saturday, January 30, 2010

Teaching and Good Days

First thing, let me say: SNOW ROCKS! We got a huge ice/snow storm over the last couple of days, and campus shut down Friday! No classes, no chapel. It was awesome! Like having two Saturdays! It was amazing! The roads and things started melting and such today though...but as the day wore on it got cold enough that all that melted stuff froze again! Scary to walk on, but I'm really really hoping that we get some more or it stays bad enough that Monday's stuff is canceled too as its my 21st birthday! And no, I won't be out drinking. That's just ridiculous. If I wanted to be a drunken fool I'd have started long ago. Luckily I have more logic and intelligence than that.

Secondly: I'm once again wrapped up in too many knitting projects for my own good! I've been diligently working on the jacket I started long ago, and I now have the back piece, front right, and a nice little bit of the front left finished. Sadly I'm almost out of the yarn I need, and I'm flat broke. Sadness. I've got a scarflette in the process that I really need to finish. I picked a very complicated pattern and so it's deterring me a bit. My shawl is coming along very very nicely. I'm 3/4 of the way done! I LOVE it! I've got a simple scarf I need to finish for my mom, and I'm thinking of frogging it and starting anew on some circulars. Simpler that way. And I've recently been commissioned to do some fingerless gloves for a couple of people. Oh, and I started and finished a hat for a good friend, and I want to start on a scarf for him with his name on one end, and the name "Bakura" on the other end. Inside meanings for the win.

Wow, far too much to do, plus school. Yeesh....

Lastly: The extra time yesterday gave me time to teach one roommate how to loom knit, and she's made herself a hat. And it gave me time to teach another roommate who's great at crochet how to knit! Such a fun time!

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