Friday, November 20, 2009

The Break of Thanksgiving and Other Fun

So, Thanksgiving break at Generic Christian College has begun! I'm going home to the family tomorrow! It's a nice 7-hour drive, but I'm used to it now. What's going to suck is having to sit in my broken driver's seat. That's right. It won't raise up to a comfortable position anymore. It's not lying flat, but it's leaning back just far enough to be uncomfortable. And of course this happened TODAY. Not when I get home, but the day before I have to sit in the broken seat for 7 hours. Friggen fail. Srsly.

As far as knitting goes, I'm in the middle of several projects. A hat for my sister, a toy block and a jacket for my niece. And those are the ones that I've started. I need to start a Jane Cobb hat for Bonnie, make a pygmy puff, start a loom-knit snowman, and make a hat for my brother-in-law in the colors of my old high school since he works there now. Yeesh. So many Christmas projects, and It's not even December!

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