Monday, November 16, 2009

Foolish People and Christmas Preparations

First things first---today I got an email from a one Katherine Poll. She wanted me to post a link to some screen capture software on my blog, and told me that if I agreed, to post the link and show it to her and she'd send me the free license. Clearly skeptical I googled the name, and lo and behold I found another blog that said she'd gotten the same one.

Turns out, the link to her "click here for more info" site (which is safe.I clicked it. it's the "link" you're supposed to put in the blog that's dangerous) is a website that only lasts 40 days and is gone. The other link is a virus that will beat the crap out of your computer.

All this to say, DO NOT CLICK LINKS FROM KATHERINE POLL. It's just not a good idea...

I emailed her back saying I hope God blessed her and that she turned to Jesus and away from computer destruction, then decided to report the spam email, and I don't intend to open it if she emails me back (which I doubt will happen anyway).

On a lighter note...I've started Christmas knitting! I made a stocking from the Oddball Knitting book. It was really simple, but I'd never done a sock shape before, and it got really confusing at the heel part....I succeeded though! I have a miniature stocking and I LOVE IT!!!! Also, I've knitted a little snowman ornament for my mom, because she collects them, and I've made a stuffed little Christmas tree ornament.

What I'm really excited about, is my friend Bonnie gave me all the yarn she had (a huge-mongous Cracker Barrel sack plus more) and in that loverly stash was a skein of 100% WOOL!!!!!! And it's the most perfect red Christmasy color!!! I can't find anything to do with it right now, but I will find something! Any suggestions?

And finally, I'm knitting a hooded baby jacket for my niece! It's going to be the first wearable knitted thing I've ever made (other than scarves and hats that is). I just hope I can finish it in time. I think I can if I'm diligent. I got the pattern from a Bernat Softee Baby yarn skein. And it's also online here:

That's the link to the Snowman

That's the link to the tree.

And as I was getting the link for the tree, I found this, and thought it was awesome and amusing all at once:

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