Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Even More Knitting!

Wow! More knitting on my knitting blog? Go me!

I find goofy faces make up for my lack of attractiveness. I made earmuffs! Out of the softest yarn on the planet! The pattern is a Knitty pattern, which I usually find to complex/time consuming. It's Muffy! I didn't bother with the roving and stuff, but I'm really happy with them. They fit perfectly over my ears and are soooooo warm! Wearing them is a little complicated, because there's one cord along the top that's looped through the top, and (as you can see) tied across the bottom. It's fine though. I like them.

The yarn is Wendy Velvet Touch in Shervet Velvet! Note the pretty picture!

I love this yarn so much! And I've got probably just under half a skein left, so the pattern really didn't take much at all. This is a 50g skein if that tells you anything.

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