Friday, February 4, 2011

Totally Useless SAL and Other Pictures

I almost forgot this. Hooray for Alyoops for posting hers in a timely manner to remind me!

I've got a lot more clippings in there this month, but not because I've been doing much more honestly....The pink and black is from a tank-top that I want to make, but I get bored with my creations easily. I'm odd.

Also, I've actually gotten some knitted things done. A pair of glittens in my Jayne Cobb yarn from my swap partner from a long time ago.

They have a few problems. Holes, random woven in bits sticking out, and the mitten bit is a little to small for my hand, but over all I'm soooo proud of these. They're my first go at multiple fingers and other complex things. Something odd happened though. Notice in the first picture how the hand sts stretch towards the thumb? Well (and this is the 2nd one made) somehow as I was going, the thumb ended up the middle....or something. It's very strange. The other mitten is fine. Crazy stuff.

I finished a happy comfy cowl too! See my pretty buttons? They were on sale! And my nice cable? I've never done that before! It turned out pretty nice if you ask me! And I finally posted pictures! Go me!

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  1. hehe, Hooray for bloggers. I was reminded last month, so it's good I got to pay it forward. It looks like your bottle is really filling up!!

    I really like the color of the glittens, even if they don't fit so well...