Saturday, July 17, 2010

Woah My Bad

I had no idea how long I'd gone without posting...oopsie. It's mostly that I don't like talking about my projects when I don't have pictures! Numerous things have indeed happened though.

Let's see. My boy adopted a 4 mo. old chocolate lab puppy a week ago. Then left to visit his family in California. Since that time his landlords have discovered him and ordered him out by last night. So I had some wonderfully generous friends (a couple who live about 20 minutes from here) take him in just to hold on to him for me so we could find him a home (since the shelter wouldn't take him). Well they've grown attached already and might keep him themselves! I already miss that puppy...he was so loving and adorable and smart and sweet.....

Moving on....*sniff*

I earned $50 for making a purse! It was unevenly striped with Caron Natura in Espresso, Lt. Rose, Peach, and Sky Blue! I even added a little intarsia bird (found here) in the rose color with a little blue eye! It was adorable. But I only added the bird because she wanted one. It was a very large purse. 75 stitches across, and a little taller than it is wide. I found a really nice (remnant bin!) fabric with pink and green and white and a tiny bit of orange stripes. Honestly I was sad I had to give it away! I loved it! Hopefully I can get a picture of her with it and post it....Or at least a picture of the purse itself. I wrote the purse pattern myself and will post it soon.

At the moment in still working on the mitered square Super Mario 8-Bit Blanket. But Katie, I hear you say, that's a crocheted granny square blanket! Well you silly skeptics, I am part of an "8-bit Knits" group on Ravelry, and upon mentioning my sadness that it was a crochet pattern, some lovely people pointed out that you could easily make the same thing using mitered squares! And I found out that they were right! Mitered squares are very very easy and I can make several squares in a day (which is good because there are a lot of squares to make!). I haven't worked on it in awhile...I should get back to that.

I've also been working on a 1950's Shoulderette that is about halfway done. And I cast on the stitches for this awesome Brownwin Skirt. I hear that and my mind instantly jumps to "Browncoat" so it's going to be my Firefly-esque skirt! (For those of you unfamiliar with Firefly, go to Hulu and educate yourself on it's awesomeness. Go. Now!)

This skirt has brought me a trouble that I seem to have with large projects: CIRCULAR NEEDLES!!!! I hate them....I'd rather have 10 dpns going at once than deal with circs....does anyone know a good way to stop the yarn from bunching up on one end!? Am I a knitting failure!? HELP!!!! I actually want to make this skirt a lot, but if I get frustrated with having to stop every 10 stitches and push the bundles of bunched up stitches down (lather rinse repeat), I'm not going to ever work on it.

The boy comes back from Cali on Monday and I'm so excited! I miss him. Happy knitting!

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