Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some Completed Stuff, New Blog Look, and a VW BEETLE

I've finished a couple of projects! Finally! I feel accomplished. I finished both my Namaste socks, which marks the first pair of socks I've ever made a finished a PAIR of for myself! They're pretty much awesome. I wore them all day with my flip-flops.

This is an adorable key-chain purse I made myself! It's so cute and tiny I love it! It's made from Premier Serenity Sock Weight yarn in Saffron (which is so amusing to any Firefly fan!). The blue from the back side is actually the only color because of how the yarn pattered. I thought it was kinda funny how one side is a solid color, and the straps and other side don't have that color at all! Sock yarn is funny that way.

I mentioned last time that I was in the car market. Well, I have a car! Apparently Mom went ahead and bought the VW Beetle that she told me the car dealer "wouldn't come down in price" on, without telling me she'd bought it (with my money. I bought my car, for the record)! The next thing I know, she's in my parking lot (from Illinois, to Arkansas!) with my little convertible VW Beetle!!!! I freaked out! I still can't believe I own the car I've wanted since I cared about cars! I love this car soo much! She's a 2004 silver convertible with a black ragtop. I named her Kaylee (again a Firefly reference) because "Ain't no force in the 'verse as can stop Kaylee bein' cheerful." And it's so true! It rides so well, has an awesome sound system, and is actually roomier than one would think it is. I drive all the time now. For no reason. I just randomly go to Wal-Mart so I can drive my car.

When I take a picture of her I'll post it!


  1. OMG! I love the new look. It's very bright and summer-y :) Like the socks, too!

  2. Thanks! It was a new template thing and I looked through them and found this one! There was another I liked that was like looking out a rainy window to a mountain or something, but the bright and summery caught my eye!

    They're super-comfy. And since my entire dorm is made of concrete, they're perfect!