Thursday, September 30, 2010

102 degrees, and that's just me

This has been a very.....hard to explain week, full of family fun, nervous breakdowns, and bad illness. I had a weekend with my mom at our Fall Festival this last weekend and it was really really fun, but it made me extremely homesick as soon as I left. Which has never been a problem before. I started getting a little cold that Saturday, and by Tuesday it had escalated so much that when I went to the nurse Wednesday morning she said I had a fever of 102 and ordered me not to go to class that day or today. Dizzy, achy, shivery, and half-dead I went back to my room and watched movies all day. My wonderful boy took good care of me and got me whatever I wanted/needed.

I had a breakdown over lots of stressed things. From everywhere. But it'll be alright. Things are good.

Lots of knitting in the works. I've got a pair of fingerless gloves/glittens (gloves with the mitten top) on the needles in that shiny skein of $28 orange yarn I got in my package! (See previous post) They're going to be uber happy. I just don't have a lot of stitch holders (they're all sitting on another project) so I'm having to improvise for the fingers....See pattern here. I'm doing the bigger ones at the top, not the bottom pattern.

There is a crafty thing going on in November here in town and my friends and I are going to sell stuff there! As it's in mid-November I'm going to make Christmas-related things. Anyone else have any suggestions? What kind of things would you want to see that would entice you? Mind you, I have just over a month, plus a full school load.

I'll start working at a farm this weekend. A big corn maze, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, and even some singing! It should be rather fun!


  1. Hope you're feeling better! I think Christmas Ornaments would sell really well around November. It all depends on the kinds of people that will be buying, though...

  2. Thanks! I'm already feeling pretty good. Back to classes in the morning.

    I'm in a little town in central Arkansas that's more or less dominated by a Church of Christ college. So it's a college town, but a religious one. So I think the Christmas stuff will do well as far as target audience goes. (See that? My "advertising major" speak? I must be learning!)