Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Picture Time!

Wow this has been an eventful week! In good and bad ways. Mostly good though. I'm doing the whole club process here at college. (Sorta like sororities, only not as slutty/cruel/alcohol-induced). As a senior. Yeah. I'm kinda insane. But regardless, we've had tons of fun doing all the crazy activities! I've been to a "Holiday" themed mixer, a "Wacky-Tacky" mixer, and a "Little Black Dress/Hollywood" mixer! They've all been fun, but I think tomorrow's will be the best: Nerd Have More Fun!! I'm going as Jayne Cobb of Firefly! My two roommates are the president and vice president of GATA, who've done the Wacky-Tacky mixer and are doing the Nerds Have More Fun one. I think I'm going for them, but going to mixers is fun no matter what club it is! I'm crazy excited for this mixer!
Reference photo of Jayne for the un-educated. Note the amazing knit hat from his Momma. Jayne loves his momma. But don't get him wrong. He'll kill you same as lookin' at you. Gorram it. For more information, see the numerous Jayne Hat patterns in the previous post.

I've made (and by "made" I mean bought and used iron-on sheets) a sort of copy of one of Jayne's shirts. The "Blue Sun" shirt. 'Cept mine is dark brown and has sleeves. And of course the logo is from and iron-on shirt thingy, so it's not as nice. And got white around it. I'll post pictures later.

Now, I call this post "picture time" because I got my Firefly swap package from my awesome swap partner today! And I'm posting the pictures. Everything I got was super shiny!

See all the awesomeness!!! Let's see if I can get these in order: Everything together, and awesome Jaynestown Canton T-shirt!!, a skein from the Sanguine Gryphon ($28!!!! zomg!), Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince pins (not firefly, but still epic), a hand-made (I believe) little bag with a cute knitting sheep!, the Bellatrix sock pattern found here on Ravelry, some nifty wash stuff that I'm not certain how to use yet for my knitted items, and finally, she knitted me the Bellatrix socks!!!!! They're so comfy and happy and made of Claudia Hand Painted yarns (100% Merino wool!). She even gave me the leftovers of the two skeins she used for the socks. So freaking happy.

So, yeah. Awesome times. After the nerds mixer I'll post some shiny pictures. Enjoy!

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