Friday, April 1, 2011

Some Clever April Fool's Prank Here

I considered doing some silly prank saying I'm closing my blog and such, but there's just too much to post about today. Oh well. Some other time I suppose.

I have lots of pictures today! All those ones I promised before. And more!

First are my mug cozies! The left one is an old-school bullet bill. It fits nicely around my travel mug. The right is a pretty simple garter stitch with a button. It's perfect for normal coffee mugs since you put it on with the button. They're both pretty awesome.

This is a market bag I made to sell at the Bazaar my school is having! Since green is the thing I figured it would be a hit! And I got to use up almost all of my Caron Natura stash! Bonus!

These are cool "steampunk" spats! You wear them on your ankles over some low heels. They're so nifty! I'm going to try and sell them but if not, they're awesome and I'll just keep them! The yarn was a gift from the always amazing Alyoops! It's so soft!

This is a Japanese knot bag. Originally I'd made it for myself but since it is so small it won't work at all for me, so I'm going to try and sell it too! There are a few technical errors, but I think non-crafty people won't notice probably. It's lined on the inside with blue fleece.

And now for something completely different...

Sewing! I've always wanted to, and really have just been too lazy to try since I don't have a sewing machine. But this awesome fabric was only $1!!! So I'm making myself an apron!

I love aprons. I've got two so far. Both made by my wonderful friend Bonnie. One of them is a full apron that is brown on the top (for Zoe Washburn) and a type of "Hawaiian T-shirt" type print on the bottom (for Hoban "Wash" Washburn). It's my Washburn apron! Firefly! Yay! The other is just around the waist and it's penguins since I collect them! And now I've got Japanese fabric to try on my own! Here's hoping it goes well!

Happy crafting all. I'll be over here counting down the days left until graduation. (44)

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