Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things Bought and Immediately Forgotten

I forgot to mention a few things yesterday! Or maybe my brain new that my post about knitting was getting long and stopped me from remembering to post these things. Probably not.

I think I'm showing my age a bit with this one. I bought a Sega Genesis. Yes you heard right. I had one and have no idea what in the world happened to it. But the local game shop had one for $25 and so the future hubby bought it as an early graduation present! Alongside the Lion King game you see. I had it when I was young and so we got it to go with! Wee! More things I don't actually have time to use...

Also, I started having an herb garden again! Well, sort of. Last year I had a window-box sized planter with garlic chives and oregano. But it got destroyed through no fault of mine. I'm still rather upset. But! I found this nifty little planter at Wal-Mart. It came with rosemary. I've never used rosemary, let alone grown it, but the recommendation of things it can be used in gave me hope! The little planter thing was $3 and came with the pretty little pot, seeds, instructions, and one of those little dirt disk things. So it's super cheap and comes with everything you need except water. (Don't add too much me)

My sewing is slowly coming along. My hand-stitching isn't very pretty in some places, and I can't seem to cut straight to save my life, but it's coming together! All my pieces are cut out and I've done the hemming on 1.5 pieces. All by hand. I'll keep posting on my progress of sewing and growing!

Have a wonderful April!

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