Sunday, May 1, 2011

Still Here

I just realized that I live in Arkansas and, as most of the country is well aware, we've had some pretty major storms here in the south. I also realized that me not updating might imply that I had been carried off with these storms.

I haven't. In fact, all we've really had in my little town is lots of rain, lots of lightning, and lots of thunder. There have been tornado watches and the night that everything got hit we had our sirens go off, but it didn't it us. It hit a town less than an hour away and obliterated it, but my little town is safe again.

Many, many places aren't safe, however. Last I heard the death toll in the entire southern area that was hit was over 300. It makes my heart ache to think about how afraid and unsure of the future all those people are. As I type there is a strong thunderstorm raging outside my window once again. It has been coming down for many hours now.

Please keep everyone affected by these strong storms and tornadoes in your thoughts and prayers.

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