Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still Here, Again

The storms went around me once again. There were tornadoes just north, east, and to the south of my little town, but all we had here was a tornado warning with some rain, followed by sun and no tornado warning 5 minutes later, followed by more rain, followed by sun the rest of the day 5 minutes after the rain. No really. That's what happened.

On the knitting side of the world, I've started a lacy shawl that I'm hoping to finish within 4 months and wear at my wedding. The only problem with that is that I've never done lace or used a chart, and I'm learning both. So far nothing's fallen apart, but I've had some really annoying moments. Like screwing up one row so much I had to say "Forget it" and just have it be a messed up row. I'll find out if my st count was off when I do the next row. It was just frustrating. I mean, I've done socks, used little-bitty dpns, but goodness this is tiny! I'll post my progress once I find the camera charger....

On that note, I moved! I live in my little apartment now! It's so exciting, and weird. I mean, I own a couch. The couch is mine. It will go with me when I move. How weird is that? I'm still trying to find places for things. And I'm trying to get rid of things. I found out my yarn takes up ALL the shelf space in my closet, so I'm having to give some away. it's kind of painful, but at the same time, I won't use all that yarn, let's be honest.

Again, when I find the camera charger I'll have pictures.


  1. Lol, yeah, Harding sent us home from work at 4. It seriously rained the hardest as I was going to my car (go figure) and for like 10 minutes after we got home. Sunshine and daisies after that.

    Good luck on your shawl!! It looks lovely!! :) I've never done lace either, but I've learned from Ravelry that blocking is a must with lace! That's all I got for ya!

  2. It's always like that isn't it?

    I'm really excited about my shawl! I just hope it'll get done, otherwise I'll have this big shawl for no reason....