Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adventures in Cooking

So, along with my knitting for my wedding, I'm being healthy for my wedding. Getting down to a healthy weight and eating better and all that stuff. And for my body, I'm not supposed to have a lot of sodium, so I'm learning how to cook new things because my family's recipes are deliciously unhealthy.

Today I made a mock stir-fry with turkey sausage (don't flog me! I'm supposed to avoid red meat! And it's not all that bad really...), fresh broccoli, red pepper, and red onion in a skillet with olive oil (because it's lower fat, any oil will do), garlic powder, onion powder, and lemon pepper, and then I squeezed half a lime and half an orange over it. Cooked in stir-fry style. It was actually really good. I used a bit too much oil, so don't add more halfway through. But besides that it was great!

All the veggies were fresh, not canned or bagged or anything. And it's kind of cheaper that way. You can get lots of fresh veggies for less than you can lots of canned or whatever stuff. And it was delicious!


  1. Looks yummy! I love fresh veggies, and I also have to follow a low sodium diet because of my migraines (small world!) I also love chicken sausage - my supermarket in my hometown sells chicken, maple, apple sausages. Who knew they went so well together?

  2. Sorry this isn't related to your post, but I was trying to contact 'Katie' from a Crazy Aunt Purl comment who had questions about biking comfort. If you want some thoughts from someone who made peace with a bike in the last 8 months, email me. And we'll see if I have figured out how to leave you my email without giving it to the spammers. ;^)

  3. I'm afraid it didn't give me an email. But you can email me at katjunkemail@gmail.com. I can give it out since it's normally for spam anyway ;P