Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter and the End of an Era

Josh and I went to see the midnight release of the last ever Harry Potter movie. It was AWESOME! (And yes, we did go in costume)

But it was also very depressing. I feel like the last little bit of my childhood is gone now. The (movie) series started when I was in SEVENTH GRADE! I'm a college graduate! It's just a painful thought. I will very much miss the anticipation of a new movie, seeing how bad or how well they stick to the books, and seeing the always-smexy Tom Felton!

This last movie has also re-light the fires of my obsession, and I have an overwhelming need to knit something Harry Potter-related. But I have no spare knitting time! I have to finished Josh's socks, make 4 knit Mustaches, possibly knit gift bags, and try and finish my shawl in less than three months! The thing I've wanted to knit and just never got the nerve to actually try was one of these:

Harry Potter Blanket! There are so many different squares to choose from (See here)!!! I want the Malfoy family for certain, probably the 3, and who knows who else!

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