Sunday, September 27, 2009

Super Insanely Easy Pillow Pattern

I promised it and here it is (finally)! The insanely easy pattern for the pillow I posted earlier.

Materials: Size 15 needles
I used Lion Brand Homespun in whatever colors you like (amount depends on how big you want your pillow to be. Mine took about half a full skein). I used a dark purple and black, and then a silver/grey and black. This pillow is double-knit (hold two strands of yarn and work them as one).
Tapestry needle/large-eye needle for sewing.


Holding two strands of yarn together, cast on 30 sts.
Work in stockinette/stocking stitch (K one row, P one row) for 13 inches or double the desired length.
Bind off.
Blocking isn't necessary, but if you want to, do it now, BEFORE following the "finishing" instructions.

Cut a long strand of one color and sew up one edge, then repeat for the other edge. DO NOT sew up the top yet! Stuff with polyester fiberfill (or some form of fluffy stuffing) and stuff full. It's okay if sections bulge a bit, you can fluff them out/whack them until they're gone when you're done. Once the pillow is stuffed to your liking, cut another long strand and sew up the top. And voila! You now have a nice fluffy pillow for your back, your seat, or your head!


  1. its pretty much half a scarf folded in half again

  2. This looks so easy, exactly what I was looking for!

  3. Nice and easy, I like it!