Thursday, August 13, 2009

Learning Time!

I've decided to take a hiatus from Facebook until Saturday, and I must say that after one day, it's been eye-opening. Facebook is my homepage after all. I'm on it ALL DAY. And with no cable, it's amazing how little I have to entertain me now. But it's all for the greater good. Hopefully I'll be a little less addicted by the time it's all over. And I can get back to reading! I love reading. I just...don't anymore. So my Year of Living Biblically book by A. J. Jacobs book might get a chunk through it now. It's not what it sounds like. This guy (the author) decides to take an entire year to live the Bible as literally as possible. He doesn't cut his hair, he doesn't wear clothes made of mixed fibers, etc. It's bound to be highly amusing, and I definitely recommend it!

Hmm...nothing about knitting....well that's not right. Next time then!

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