Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well today was sorta back and forth. I decided not to go into work today, and try and get some packing/cleaning done, but when I found a MASSIVE SPIDER hiding under some of my clothes, that plan died miserably. I. don't. like. spiders.

But it's not bad otherwise. Just a day to chill out and watch some Winnie the Pooh on YouTube. Ah nostalgia. I've lived in it for awhile this summer. I found a whole bunch of Rugrats episodes on YouTube too! Yeah, the ones that showed when I was ONE!!!!

Oh! And I found a wonderful pattern for a simple shawl that I intend to eventually make for myself!

This one in fact. I found it through the Knitting Pattern Central website! Man I love that site. It's got a toooooon of patterns! And I'm also in the process of making up a simple blanket/afgan pattern for myself. I just need to get it written down as a go along. I'll post some pictures when I'm a little further in.

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