Thursday, August 27, 2009

Long-Expected Pictures

So, I've been talking about projects, and have finished projects, and promised pictures. And here they are!
First, the fingerless gloves that I loom-knitted! There are a few better pictures, but they're on my friend's camera. Plus, CUPCAKES!
This wonderful pillow is the end product of something I started on a whim and didn't quite know what it was going to be until I finished. It's double-knit with homespun yarns on size 15(!) needles. Really really really fast and easy. It's soft and fluffy and actually works to sleep on!

And finally, this little number (as displayed by Josh Jr.) is something I started on circular needles as the beginning of a big ol' afgan, but decided to make a scarf out of instead. My favorite part of this whole thing is that since I basically just cast on a TON of stitches until the circulars were over-full, it's got this wavy-look to it. I'm not sure if it will last or not, but oh well.

I intend to post the pattern for the pillow (if you can really call it that, it's so simple...) later on. My first official self-made pattern! (Other than my cross, which I'll talk about later.)

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