Monday, October 26, 2009

Far Away Family is Still Worth the Visit

So, I went home to Southern Small-Town Illinois from Middle of Arkansas because my family was having a benefit hog-roast/silent auction for my uncle and his family. My cousin has been fighting cancer for several years, and last year my uncle/his dad has a major stroke. Both of them have proven over and over and over that they are miracle men. They told my uncle he wouldn't live, walk, or move anything on his left side again, and he walks with a cane and is doing therapy to get his left side working, and he's doing GREAT with it! The benefit was absolutely incredible. Small-Town Illinois really pulled together for this. We had a brand new ride mower raffle at $10 a ticket, a "Guess the number of golf balls in the bucket for a dollar and get them all if you're closest without going over" thing, over 200 items for auction, plus a freewill donation to come and eat. All in all we've estimated earning over TWENTY-FIVE TO THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!!
25-30,000!!!!!!!!! It's amazing!!!! I got some cool stuff, like a big ol' green purse worth 40 for 25, a t-shirt of a local pizza place for 5, and a "movie night" gift bucket with popcorn, Dr. Pepper (the lifegiver), twizzlers sweet & sour, and the first and second Spiderman. Everything was so great, and it really showed God's power. It's wonderful!

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