Saturday, October 3, 2009

Learning One's Age Can Be Painful

Last night was the Relay for Life here in my town, and it was more or less hosted by my school. The theme was the '90s, but my group was the "Creative Bible Study" group, and we decided that since they didn't specify the 1990's, we didn't have to be from the 1990's. We were Centuries of '90s. I was a vampyre in homage to Bram Stoker's Dracula in the 1890's. We had a Mozart (death in 1590 if I remember right), a Dorian Gray and Invisible Man also from the 1890's. A Beowulf from c. 690, and a cavewoman from 25,090 BC. It was a great time! And our group riased a lot of money. We sold knitting things (by me! And someone bought a baby hat!!!), a silent auction on pottery, sold candy, and the piece de resistance, caramel apples! They sold out really fast because we were the only ones who had them! It was awesome!

HOWEVER. I'm 20. So I'm not old, but staying up all night in 40 degree weather? I'm officially too old for that. It wasn't too horrible (well, the staying up part anyway...I didnt' have NEARLY enought warm snuggly bundle-up stuff to handle the cold). So why not go get more blankets/coats/hoodies/etc.? Well that's because I go to a Church of Christ school (and absolutely love it to death. It's wonderful), and we have curfew. That's right, I'm 20 with a curfew. So those of us that wanted to stay the night at Relay had to sign out of our dorms and sign in at 1 am (curfew on the weekends). Then they locked us in. Yup. Really. Now, if you weren't a student, or you lived off campus, you could come and go, but I'm not. So when it got really really cold, I was stuck. Fail.

All in all, it was a good night. Despite the cold. Seeing people's themes was fun, and raising money for cancer is always a good time. And as for curfew? It's not so bad. It's better for us anyways.

I'm still working on my curly purly pumpkin (see link below), and it's going fairly well. I'm excited about the knitting group Tuesday, and I still need help learning how to knit into the front and back of the stitch. Hopefully I'll learn Tuesday, or one of you can help me out!

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