Wednesday, October 14, 2009

General College Complaints

Says it all neh?

It's midterm week here at my college. Two tests today, one right after another, followed by a class that I (once again) forgot the paper I was supposed to write for this week. It doesn't help that he /never/ even acknowledges that we have an assignment, and that when I looked at the assignment sheet, it didn't say WHAT THE FRENNING PAPER WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OVER!!!!!!!!! I would have done it in the small space of time between test 2 and 2 1/2 hour class in which paper was due....I wanted to die. Today has just generally sucked.
Hate hate hate hate fume rant rage.....yearg...

Knitting group meeting #2 is tomorrow, and that should be much more relaxing. Church tonight was very interesting too. They were having a congregational meeting, and that was very......frightening to say the least. But not a deterrent! I love it there! It's so much like my church back home, plus POTLUCK NEXT WEEK! Woo!

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